Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ultimate Book Bash Tag to Fill Out!!

I'm putting these up ahead of time so you have plenty of time to answer them on your blog! Please publish during the Book Bash itself, between August 22 and 26.

Before we really begin, I just want to mention: I know most of you are Christians and love the Bible. I'm pretty much considering that as a given. SO if you would like, you can say at the beginning of whatever question you'd put it under that you consider it a given. Then list three other books. Make sense? That's what I'll do. :)
  1. Name three books you love.
  2. Name two books you enjoy, but that most people probably haven't heard of.
  3. Name three series you love.
  4. Name three authors you love!
  5. How about three adventures or mysteries?
  6. Three non-fiction?
  7. Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys? Which book in your favorite set is your favorite?
  8. Narnia or Harry Potter? Name your favorite from the series you like best.
  9. A cookbook or a how-to-sew book?
  10. Historical fiction or fantasy? Name three books you like from the genre you chose.
  11. Hardcover or softcover?
  12. Louisa May Alcott or Lucy Maud Montgomery? Name your favorite book by the author you chose.
  13. Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte? Name your favorite book by the author you chose.
  14. Would you rather read historical fiction about the sinking of the Titanic, or the Civil War?
  15. What's your favorite classic? Why?
  16. Little Women or A Little Princess?
  17. What's your favorite time period to read about?
  18. G. A. Henty, J. R. R. Tolkien, or Charles Dickens? What's your favorite book or series by the author you chose?
  19. Ivanhoe or Ben-Hur?
  20. Name three books everyone should read.
  21. Name two books we wouldn't have expected you to enjoy.
  22. Name three books that have good movies to go with them.
  23. Any books coming out soon that you're looking forward to?
  24. Name two authors you'd like to talk to.
  25. Science fiction or a fairy tale?
  26. A classic book you haven't read is...?
  27. Shakespeare or George Bernard Shaw (who wrote Pygmalion)?
  28. Name a movie (or two) where it's actually better than the book.
  29. Where is your favorite place to read?
  30. ---
There you have it, folks! Copy and paste those questions to your blog to answer! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. Remember not to publish them until between August 22 and 26! Also, got a suggestion for the blank? Leave a comment with it! If I get enough comments with other good questions to add, I may go up to 35 or 40 questions...if I add more, I'll mention it in a post to y'all. :) Finally, include lots of pictures!


Jemimah said...

Thanks for posting the tag! It's a good thing you posted it earlier than the Book Bash. That way, it'll be easier to answer it on time. I'm definitely going to put the Bible as a given. Thank you for that little tip. ;) I'm so excited to answer this and see everyone else's answers! This will be slightly difficult!

Charity U said...

I am filling mine out ahead too...and they are hard. :P Hope you have fun answering them! And participating. :)

Mel said...

These are great questions! I am hoping that I will get the time to sit down and start answering them ahead of time- but knowing me I will leave it to the last minute!


Mel said...

I don't know if its now too late to make some suggestions for a possible question.

I thought maybe:

- "What are some of your favourite quotes from books?"
of course you could re-word it to however fits best, or limit it to top 3 or something.

- "Which book would you most like to see made into a movie/TV series?"

- "Which character in a book do you identify the most with?"

These are just suggestions, if they aren't the type of questions you were looking for thats fine :) I am really excited about this Book Bash :)


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Yay! These are going to be so much fun to answer! Thank you for hosting this Book Bash!

~Miss Laurie

Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Here are the links to my tag for the Ultimate Book Bash tag.

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