Friday, May 13, 2011

Female Doubles: Post 1

Here we go, on our first Female Doubles post! There are at least two more of these in the works. :) Remember, suggestions are welcome!

* means I haven't seen the movie.

Romola Garai

Emma (Emma, 2009)

Barbara Spooner (Amazing Grace, 2006)*

Gwendolen Harleth (Daniel Deronda, 2002)*

Celia (As You Like It, 2006)*

{{no picture}}

Anna Maxwell Martin

Bessy Higgins (North and South, 2004)

Cassandra Austen (Becoming Jane, 2007)*

Esther Summerson (Bleak House, 2005)*

Keeley Hawes

Cynthia Kirkpatrick (Wives and Daughters, 1999)

Fancy Day (Under the Greenwood Tree, 2005)

Rosamund Pike

Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice, 2005)

Lady Harriet Cumnor (Wives and Daughters, 1999)


Elizabeth Charles said...

That's COOL! Awesome. And really interesting... :D Thanks so much!

Melody said...

Other old-fashioned stuff I know Keeley Hawes is in: The Moonstone, Our Mutual Friend.

Thanks for the post! :)

Charity U said...

No problem, girls. :) I had such a fun time finding pictures and learning about the actors! :) Keep watching for the coming ones!

OldFashionedCharm said...

I don't know how I missed this post but I did.

Ramola Garai seems to have spent more time in costume than in non period drama roles! I saw her first in Daniel Deronda and since then have enjoyed watching her career. I really did love her as Emma, even though some people didn't really like her in the role. She was also in Nicholas Nickleby, Vanity Fair and a few other films that I don't really recommend.
Anna Maxwell Martin is such a sweet young lady and so talented. I've seen interviews with her and she seems so nice, on my list of actors I'd like to meet. She was also the star of South Riding which was okay but not great.
Keeley Hawes is also one of those actresses that was in many period films in the late 90's. She was in Our Mutual Friend and in The Moonstone. Recently in Upstairs Downstairs and is married to Matthew Macfadyen!
Rosamund Pike was so beautiful as Jane in P&P! I've only seen her in one other period film besides the ones listed here. I wish she would do more costume drama work.

Lovely post!
~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Charity U said...

I loved Romola as Emma too. I really can't imagine a more perfect one!

Oh, is Nicholas N not very good? I haven't seen it...or read the book.

Anna Martin does seem very sweet! She had a distinctive face and it was quite easy to find pictures of her. Because she was so easy to recognize. She seems almost fragile...but maybe that's just because I've only seen her as Bessy Higgins.

Keeley Hawes is married in real life to MacFadyen? I didn't know that! Interesting. :)

Rosamund P did have a really pretty smile...and I know a lot of people liked her much better as Jane than the girl in the 1995 one. But I liked the 1995 opinion, obviously. :)

Melody said...

I saw Nicholas Nickleby, and I liked it. The only thing that disturbing in it, as far as I know, was this boy's school where the kids are not treated well, and are abused. (That's a short explanation. hehe) I thought it was funny how the actor who was Capt. Von Trap on The Sound of Music was on there (only old).

I really liked the Bessy Higgins person on Bleak House.