Favorite Books!

I'm sure it's obvious to all that I love to read. So...this is a list of my all time favorite books, ones that I recommend whole-heartedly. The ones that are linked should link to the review I've written of that particular book on this blog. The unlinked ones are ones which I have not read since I started this blog, so there's no review yet. Potentially coming soon! :-) The series each have in parentheses how many books are in the series. Then there are the numbers of each of the books. If the number is a link, that means I've reviewed that book. Make sense?

Oh, and I'm switching to a new system. Right now (May 6) the books are sort of organized so that my top favorite favorites are at the top, and then lower. From now on, I'll put new books at the top to make them easier to find.

Absolute Best Books Ever (a 9.5 or above):
Good Books I recommend:
Check back often as I plan to add more soon!