Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Girl of the Limberlost

Author: Gene Stratton-Porter
Genre: Life
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 338
Time period: Early 1900’s?
My overall opinion: I’ve read this one twice now, and I enjoy it. It’s a very interesting story. A young, rather poor girl, a touch of mystery, a tad of romance (with a Prince Charming!), and a happy ending. And an irate and stuck-up girlfriend for the Prince Charming. Worth a read or two!


Alyianna said...

I LOVE this book!!!

Ella said...

I really enjoyed reading this books a few weeks ago.
I hope to post a review of my own of it sometime soon.

Livia said...

I think my mom made me read this one-an occurrence that does not induce a love for a book, but I have read others of her novels. I adore Keeper of the Bees and Laddie. I also enjoyed the Harvester. I did not like At the End of the Rainbow. I cannot remember if I really truly read Freckles, but I know I at least skipped through it (terrible, ending ruining habit I know); I thought it a little over the top in melodramatic emotions. I enjoy her unique style of writing. I love sweet, "homey" novels like Laddie.

Charity U said...

Yup, being forced to read books usually doesn't result in a love for the book. :P I will look into those other books!

Kathryn said...

ooooh, I like this book!