Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spotlight: Maria

Maria Von Trapp (Sound of Music)


Maria was acted by Julie Andrews, and based on the original Maria Von Trapp, though the story was changed a lot.

That's the real Maria and her Captain.

That is a pretty dress. Except I don't really like the jean (?) bodice...but the feathery leaves all over are sweet!

Maria's at the top.

She's on the far left.


Ella said...

I love Maria and her clothing.

larkin said...

I enjoyed this post! :) I love Maria's character...

Katelyn said...

One of my favorite movies!! We have the book she wrote "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers". It starts with Maria going to stay at the Trapps' house and ends at least 10 years after they arrive in America. Very funny and well worth reading.

paul said...

if any Sound of Music fans out there have not read the true story of the real Von Trapp family, i highly recommend the book Maria wrote

i think the true story (especially when they ariive in America) is even more amazing than the movie

Charity U said...

Ella, Larkin, agreed. :)

Katelyn, yes, I've read the book. But it's been a while...I should look it up again.

Paul, the same to I just said to Katelyn, I mean. Their story is pretty amazing!