Thursday, January 19, 2012

Movie: Courageous

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9.5
Genre: Inspiring
Series or set: The notable thing is that it’s made by the Kendrick brothers, who have also come out with three other movies: Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. The notable thing about that is that they’re Christian. So there isn’t swearing, unmarried people don’t kiss (even if they’re technically married in the movie), and it’s very clean.
Primary actors: Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel
Length: About two hours
Time period: Present
Quote(s): Honor begins at home.
Year it came out: 2011
My overall opinion: Wow. What a movie. I saw it just after reading the book (written by Randy Alcorn, and based on the screenplay for the movie). It was amazing, and I really liked it. The opening scene is potentially the most attention grabbing opening scene I’ve ever seen…not to mention that it’s really really sweet. It is rated PG-13, so I don’t recommend it for little kids, but older ones? Totally. A little violence, a police chase or two… *smile* I cried through the whole thing, starting with the first scene. Okay, not quite constantly, but quite a bit. Normally, I hate movies that make me cry. But for some reason, I still came out of it loving this one. It’s got a strong Christian message, and truly is inspiring. Highly recommended.


Josh Martin said...

9.5? Really? have you ever given a 10? Because this needs one!!! Best movie of the year and probably the best movie since lord of the rings came out.:)

Josh Martin

Jemimah C. said...

Four words. I love this film!

Finally I got to see it after waiting and waiting. :) It was wonderful! So amazing from the start to the end. (By the way, I really like the start of Courageous. So sweet!)

Katelyn said...

Saw it in theaters with some of my family. LOVED it! Can't wait to buy it.

Ella said...

I LOVE tjis movie!
I would cry,than life and repeat.

Charity U said...

Josh, actually, yes, I have given tens, but VERY rarely. :) I don't think it's quite the best movie since LotR, but definitely an extremely good one!

Jemimah, the beginning is amazing! <3

Katelyn, me either! I think it's out now.

Ella, me too!

Anne G. said...

I did like this movie! Saw it in theaters too! The only thing I wish is that all the bad guys hadn't been black (okay, so there was that one white police guy...), but other than that, I loved it!

Josh Martin said...

What do you think the best movie since lotr is?

Josh Martin

Charity U said...

Anne, glad you liked it too! Nice to see you here, btw. :) Hmmm...they were trying to represent a specific gang, am I right? Maybe that's what it's about. Gangs in cities often are made of black males.

Josh, good question. I doubt that you'd think so, but the 2009 version of "Emma" would have to be close. Very different from LotR. And I've loved the newer Narnia films.