Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Giveaway!

Katy, over at Legacy of a Writer, is having a blog birthday party including many wonderful giveaways! I'm not entering any (though I'd like to) until this one, the fifth one, I think. It's for a book by Ronie Kendig, called Wolfsbane. According to Katy, it's an absolutely wonderful book...she loves it. :) So naturally, I really want to read it!

Go here to enter the giveaway! It's open through January 16...hurry to enter! One awesome giveaway. :) Thank for hosting, Katy!


Katie McCurdy said...

Thank you SO much for posting about the giveaway!! Hope you get a chance to read this one--it was awesome!

Charity U said...

Katy, delighted! I hope so too. :)