Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Searching for Guest Bloggers!

I am looking for guest bloggers! I haven’t had anyone here for literally months, which is rather sad. I would love to have you guest blog! Obviously, if you already have a blog, I’d need to check that out first. If you’re interested, you can leave a comment or email me (charityu.austenite[at]gmail[dot]com) and we can arrange it. You can post about almost anything (after I approve the idea). A few ideas I would mention --- you could do something related to Jane Austen or period dramas. Something related to Narnia or Lord of the Rings. You could do a post with your thoughts on the subject in general, a review of some book you’ve recently, or even a Spotlight post! I’m open to the idea or some people posting a short series of posts (up to three) or two people posting together. J So there’s all kinds of things you could do if you’re interested!
I am also open to guest post. In general, I like to do a movie spotlight on the blogs I guest post on. As you may recall, I did three guest posts on Jemimah’s blog, Beautiful Blank Pages, back a few months. I have a waiting list of movies that I can Spotlight on your blog if you’d like! If you’d like me to come by (whether or not you come by here), just leave a comment or email me.
Thanks so much!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

I could help :-)

Michaela Danielle said...

I've been following your blog for a while now, and am refreshed at your classic tastes. (Finally someone who isnt in love with Edward the Vamp) I do tend to read more current books on theology (ok, they arent really that boring) and clean Christian thrillers. Not sure how much our genres mix, though I am very excited about the Botkin sister's new book "It's {not that} complicated".
I have quite a few blogs, but my main ones are based on Romans 12:2, and, which is just a conglomeration of things that interest me.
Sincerely in Christ,
Michaela Danielle <><

Charity U said...

Miss Elizabeth, yay! :) Will email you soon.

Michaela, nice to see you here!

Miss Dashwood said...

I would love to guest post if you'll have me! I'll probably e-mail you with an idea or two in the next few days...