Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie: Meet Me in St. Louis

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5
Genre: Romance, musical
Primary actors: Judy Garland
Length: About two hours
Time period: Late 1800’s, I’m guessing. J
Year it came out: 1944
My overall opinion: I enjoyed it. In fact, if you enjoy fluffy, flouncy, fun dresses, you want to see this just for that. I enjoyed them so much! It includes the fun (but silly) song “Meet Me in St. Louis” along with “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” This, incidentally, is where the latter first appeared. It’s so famous now! And "Trolley Song" was sticks in your head for months afterward. I've seen this movie just once, in early November, and that song is still running through my head.  Judy was an excellent actor, though I didn’t find the boy next door all that handsome. It was a good movie.


Josh Martin said...

Honestly, I couldnt stand this movie! The halloween scene was the worst thing ever! The trolly song is fun though, and yes it does get stuck in your head.

Josh Martin

Ella said...

My Mom loves this movie!
I like it too,but not as much as her.