The Spotlight Series!

Welcome to The Spotlight Series page! Before I explain what this is all about, let me mention that if you want to read the posts about my previous Doubles series, I recommend that you skim down the tags on the left and find the tag "Doubles" in the section "Other." Then you can read all those posts...which I think you'll enjoy.

Okay. These spotlight series posts spotlight individual characters. For each post, I'll choose a character I like, preferably from a movie I like, and do a post about them, with lots of pictures and a few words/facts about the actor or part. Some of these characters will be men, some women. :) Another way to describe these posts would pretty much be a picture collection for that character/actor/personage.

When I do someone like Mr. Darcy, I would only do from one movie per post. Therefore, IF I had liked both the Firth and Macfadyen Darcys, I would do two posts. One for the Firth Darcy, one for the Macfadyen Darcy.

Also, the reason it's a series/set is because I don't plan to do these in a month and then be done. Hopefully, whenever I watch a new movie where I have a couple of characters who I really like, I'll do a spotlight of each of those characters.

Have someone you want me to be sure to remember to do?? Feel free to say so in a comment. I may or may not do him/her. :) I'm not sure if you are able to comment here, so you might want to go back to the home page and comment there. :)

OKAY, so the purpose of this page is to have a complete list of everyone I spotlight. Here goes!

Lord of the Rings:
Sense and Sensiblity:
Pride and Prejudice 1995
Pride and Prejudice 2005:
Little Women:
Anne of Green Gables:
Sound of Music:
Princess Bride:
Little Dorrit:
Guest Movie Spotlights on Other Blogs: