Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spotlight: Amy March

Amy March (Little Women)

Played by Kirsten Dunst.

{{she's on the left. The girl on the right is also Amy, the older version}}

{{she's on the left end. Then Jo's next to her, then Beth, then Meg (spotlights on them coming!)}}

{{yup, she's the little one. LtoR: Jo, Beth, Meg, Amy, Marmee}}

{{couldn't resist including that, though it doesn't feature Amy}}

{{she's on the top}}


Anonymous said...

Who can't like Little Women?
Great post!

Miss Laurie said...

Little Miss Amy, what a sweetheart! I didn't like her at first but after seeing Kirsten Dunst play Amy so charmingly and then re-reading portions from the book I realized that she really has a very sweet nature only her vanity gets in the way sometimes. Samantha Mathis also did a great job portraying grown up Amy.

"Butter! Oh, isn't butter divinity?" - Amy March

I really enjoyed this post!
~Miss Laurie