Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Note to All

Just poking my head back in here to say that I'm sorry for not posting more. I'm in the midst of a really busy week...I believe I've mentioned that I'm spending this summer working with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Well, this week, four other teens and I are teaching four 5-Day Clubs a day. So I'm away from home most of the day, and have enough to do trying to keep up with email. :P So this is my excuse. Next week I don't think I have any clubs, so you can expect more posts then. Oh, and prayer would be greatly, between the four clubs, we reached 86 kids. Some of the clubs are really huge. So thanks.

But for now...well, I'll just say, there are some great posts coming. That includes two interviews, two giveaways (!), and lots more reviews. I will catch-up...but right now I'm not reading or watching much either, for obvious reasons.

Also, I'm not doing much blog reading right now, so if you aren't seeing many (any) comments from me, that's why.
So, until later!

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Sidne,the BCR said...

That is wonderful. we bloggers get time off too. Plus there is enough in your archive to keep us readers reading. Summer is a wonderful relaxing time for us all to be out doing some form of ministry work. I wish you and those that are working with you much success. I will pray for the clubs and all efforts.