Saturday, November 19, 2011


Author: Lisa T. Bergren
Genre: Life, adventure, romance
Series: River of Time
Number in series: 1st
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9.5
Type: Fiction                                                                                                 
Number of pages: 369
Time period: 1300’s Italy!
Main characters: Gabi, Lia, Marcello, Luca, and more!
Exciting events: Time travel. Totally exciting. Battles, rescue, kidnapping, hostages, etc!
Passage from book: “My voice broke off because something odd was happening. The room was spinning, slowly, the paintings on the walls stretching as if I was looking at them through fun-house glasses. And the wall was getting warmer. I tried to pull my hand away, but couldn’t. “Gabi!” Lia cried. I tried to focus on her, the only thing in the room that seemed static. Her wide blue eyes flashed terror. “It’s hot!” “
My overall opinion: I loved it. I’ve heard Katy from Legacy of a Writer and also Jane from Reviews by Jane talking about this series for a long time…they both love it. Well, I’m hooked. This first book was really fun! Packed with adventure. Tinged with romance. I loved learning about Italy in that time period. I totally fell in love with the hero. I enjoyed Gabi’s modern-teenager-thoughts, thought in Italy, while she talked with the old English. J It was an awesome story, and I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next two books!
Special thanks to Katy, who sent me a copy when she won a second one. J
P.S. Anyone with extra copies of Cascade or Torrent? If you ever decide that you need to get rid of this series…well, I’m open. ;) Just sayin’.

P.S.S. This post is coming out on my birthday...because I LOVED this book. :) Got it yet?


Ella said...

I've heard a lot about this book.
Maybe I"ll buy it or see if the Library gets it.

Maria Elisabeth said...

That sounds like a wonderful book. Happy birthday!

Elizabeth Charles said...

Happy birthday!

Charity U said...

Ella, do!

Maria, it is. :)

Elizabeth, thank you!

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

Thanks for telling your readers about WATERFALL! I'm glad you've dipped your toes in...hope you can wade further into the river with CASCADE soon!