Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Twelfth Imam

Author: Joel Rosenberg
Genre: Adventure (political, set in Iran)
Series: It’s the prequel (or first book in the series that’s not named) for Tehran Initiative.
Number in series: 1st, kinda
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 489
Time period: Present
My overall opinion: I really enjoyed this book too! It was pretty amazing. Do try to read it before Tehran Initiative. It helps and makes it clear. J Recommended!


Rachel said...

I read that book and I loved it!

His Handmaiden said...

This is one of my absolute favorite books and authors... I believe two of his prophecies have already come true from Tehran Initiative.

I don't know if you have read the previous series by Joel Rosenberg (The Last Jihad Series), but I would highly recommend those as well- he wrote the first a few months before 9/11 happened, and literally wrote about what would happen if someone crashed into the twin towers/pentagon, etc., and then it happened. It's a very interesting book, and one I would highly recommend.

Thanks for the review=)
In Christ,

Charity U said...

His Handmaiden, I've sort of read the other series. I have "The Ezekiel Option" home from the library right now to read. And then I've read "The Copper Scroll" and "The Last Days." I had to request "The Last Jihad" (for the library to get it) and it's just come in, so I'm reading it soon! I read them all out of order...:P Didn't realize they were a series until I was 1/2 way through. :(