Monday, May 9, 2011

Vote for Katy!

There is a contest on between some young authors who are writing short stories along the same basic guideline. Some of you are familiar with Katy's blog, Legacy of a Writer, and know that she already has a book out. So please, go HERE to read her story! Then vote for her on the left sidebar. :) Though please, feel free to read the other stories entered as well! Vote for your favorite. Katy's was definitely mine. :)


Katy said...

Thank you for spreading the word, Charity! How sweet!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed my version of Purple Shadows. It was fun to come up with! :-) After I finished that scene I wanted to keep going and write the rest of Sara and Seth's adventures! :-)

~ Katy

Charity U said...

Katy, it was no problem. :) I really enjoyed the story...if you ever write more about it, I'd be delighted to read it! :) I'm also hoping to read your published book someday.