Monday, May 5, 2014

The Queen’s Handmaid

Author: Tracy L. Higley

Genre: Life, adventure

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5

Type: Historical fiction

Number of pages: 386

Time period: Bible times (technically, about 37 b.c.)

Publisher and price: Thomas Nelson, $15.99

My overall opinion: When I stumbled across this book at the library, I recognized it as Tracy’s newest and was super happy – how often are new publications actually IN at the library? I was thrilled. So I checked it out and made time to read it over Easter. It was enthralling. It concentrates on Lydia, a fictional character who was first a servant to Cleopatra and then to the wife who Herod the Great actually loved, Mariamme. This book was a fascinating take on those historical characters (especially Cleopatra and Herod!). Lydia is absolutely delightful and I would love to meet her. I was amazed by the all the research that Tracy put into this book – the result is stunningly historically accurate book. I’m so excited for Tracy’s upcoming book (don’t know a title yet, but I hear it’ll be about the wise-men??!?!!?) and I’m definitely really enjoying each of her books.


Delvalina said...

Wow, thanks for telling this! I love Cleopatra story ( I adore lady who rules the world) and, who knows the great handmaid made her great?!
Thanks for sharing, reading your blog, I have so many list now...

I get trouble to buying novels from overseas, the easier way is buying online but I have no idea about online account. I'm ordinary indonesian, I'm just primitif sometimes and not knowing of this kind of thing.
I only have books that my blog friends in USA sent to me (like giveaway). and Redeeming Love was a best gift from a friend who had scholarship in USA last year. :)

Melanie said...

Hi Charity! I awarded your blog the Sunflower Blogger Award! Here's the post: