Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just Jane

Author: Nancy Moser
Genre: Life
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5
Type: Historical fiction
Number of pages: 363
Time period: 1800's
Main characters: Jane, Cassandra
Exciting events: Not too many that are exciting but many interesting things.
My overall opinion: Another good read! Thanks for the recommendation, Melody. :) I enjoyed it and I think I will probably read it again. :)


Melody said...

Oh my goodness, you read super fast! It took me a couple months to get through that! Well...that probably resulted from lack of free time ...:-/

Anyways, glad you liked it! She also wrote a book called 'Mozart's Sister'... I haven't read it, but I'm hoping to sometime soonish. :-)

Miss Laurie said...

I own this book and have read the first few chapters but it just didn't capture my attention. I think it might be that instead of just facts about Jane Austen's life it also makes some assumptions about her personality, hopes and dreams. I did read all of Nancy Moser's 'Mozart's Sister' and enjoyed it very much. I'll have to try 'Just Jane' again soon!

Melody said...

Miss Laurie,

That's true. But, as there is so little information about Jane Austen's early life, what is a novelist to do? ;-) I think it would have helped if it wasn't written in first person. I'll have to try 'Mozart's Sister'!

Charity U said...

Melody, I do read altogether too fast for my own good! I'm often in trouble for flying through books. I guess you can tell from this blog that I read a lot too, as I am now only posting books I have read in the past week or so, not months ago. I did months ago a little at first to test out how my template for book reviews worked. :)

Miss Laurie, between you and Melody you've made me want to read "Mozart's Sister." :) I'll have to check and see if our library has it! It's true, the first person tense in "Just Jane" was rather annoying...but it made for a unique book.

Melody said...

Hmm...I don't know...if I got a book published, I'd consider it a pretty exciting event. ;-)

Oh, and and another thing, Miss Laurie. Jane in the book changes a little through the years, and her thoughts on things become different, I think. ;)

Melody said...


You said on Elegance of Fashion that you like Elizabeth Gaskell...which of her stories have you read (or watched a movie of) and which is your favorite? =)

Charity U said...

Melody: I've actually only read "North and South." I heard that Elizabeth Gaskell didn't finish "Wives and Daughters"? I like the W&D movie, but I didn't really like the N&S movie. I like cheerful colorful bright movies, and that one was too gray and dark colored. Also, in the last scene (at least, I think it was) where they finally get engaged, I wish Mr. Thornton wouldn't look as if he slept in his clothes. I like Mr. Darcy's apparel much better. I'm not a fan of disheveled heroes. (like the 2005 Mr. Darcy...ugh!). I was speaking of the 1995 Darcy.

Melody said...

I've heard that too, but she must have written most of it, it's rather long. I got it from the library once (W&D) but didn't actually read it.

Yep, I'm usually that way about movies too, but I did like North & South. Although I usually fast-forward all the strike stuff. ;) Well, it's possible that he DID sleep in his clothes, depending on how long the train ride was. haha And not all of P&P is 'cheerful'...but I know what you mean. :) So did you like the book better?

I've also seen Cranford. I liked it (and it's brighter, I believe, than N&S) It's a combination of 3 Elizabeth Gaskell novels. And there is a continuation that is also good. :)

belovedgraceful said...

Nancy Moser also wrote a book called Washington's Lady it's a novel of George and Martha Washington, and she wrote 'How I love thee' a novel of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.