Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tributary Cover!

Y'all know I love Lisa T. Bergren River of Time series. :) (Click the River of Time link at the bottom of this to read my reviews of Waterfall, Cascade, and Torrent). Anyway, the cover for Lisa's new novella, Tributary, that comes out this summer...the cover is finally here! Look:

It's way too perfect. That's Luca, you know...absolutely Luca. It is my current favorite cover! Can't wait to read Bourne (Lisa's first novella sequel to the series) and then Tributary!!!!!


Charity U said...

PS: Thanks to Melanie for posting about it first!

The Mad Elvish Poet said...

AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Oh...Oh...I need it. right. Now.

Kathryn said...