Saturday, November 16, 2013

Movie: Thor: the Dark World

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Genre: Superhero, adventure

Series or set: Thor

Number in series: 2nd  

Primary actors: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston

Length: Two hours

Based on: The comic books, perhaps?

Time period: Present, fantasy

Rating: PG-13

Year it came out: 2013

My overall opinion: I enjoyed it so much! Do take into account that I’ve only seen the first Thor movie once and that was almost two years ago. I do intend to watch it again someday – I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. All in good time. However, despite comparing this one to a movie I haven’t seen for two years, I think this one was better – the graphics etc were amazing, the story kept me watching, it was just plain a good movie. Really good. Now, here we go on a few things I made notes to write about…because that’s how I do some movie reviews.


Darcy that girl: Apparently acted by Kat Dennings. She was awesome. She was just random and sometimes so annoying and such a pain and still so cute and fun and awesome and best of all – funny! Yeah, I really liked her. A lot. She was one of my favorite parts of this movie.

Mother: Oh, she was so sweet. Thor and Loki’s mom? Yup, her. I barely remember her from the first movie, but she was so lovely and elegant and such an amazing fighter. Her (I told you there would be spoilers…you’d better stop reading if you don’t want them) but her death was so sad…definitely the most touching and sad part of the movie. How her sons acted towards her made me sad. But she seemed like a beautiful woman inside and out. And did I mention I loved her fighting skills? I did.

Clothes: I really enjoyed seeing the clothes on a few of the characters in this film. Most notably, Thor and Loki’s mother had some lovely blue dresses that I am quite in love with. Then too, Jane had some pretty flowy dresses – and let’s face it, I’m really in love with Thor’s red cape. Because if I could have a cape/cloak like that? My life would be complete. Well, not quite, but seriously, it’s really cool.

Thor in general: What to say? I can’t write a review without mentioning him. He was a good hero, a little stupid at times, but hey – he’s Thor, what do you expect? ;) My favorite thing about him this time through was his voice. So deep, so rough, so Thor. I loved it. A lot. Listening to it for two hours? Wasn’t hard at all. And he’s not bad to watch for two hours either. I’m pretty sure they threw in one scene towards the beginning just to make the teenage girls swoon, and honestly, he’s a little too ripped for my personal preference. But I legitly don’t have any problem watching him on screen on a couple of hours. Oh he’s got problems for sure. But all in all, he’s super awesome. I think.

Loki’s humor: I mean, I could just do Loki in general, but since I’m still to decide if I feel sorry for him at all or not, I don’t know what to say. He’s very interesting. But. I do know? I love his humor. A lot. It gets me every time, even when it’s rather horrible. I mean, some of what he says is so offensive and making-fun, and yet, it’s still hilarious. And I still laugh. Even without meaning to. It’s just so cool. So yeah, I love his humor. And I really loved when he was Captain America for a little bit. That was…yeah. Funny. Poor Thor. I laughed.

Clown elves: For those of you who may not know, I can’t stand clowns. At all. I hate them. A lot. Like, a huge lot. So the elves who had faces that were almost like clowns were really freaky, especially the eyes. It wasn’t as bad as Dark Knight, but we all know from Lord of the Rings that that’s not what elves look like, silly. Not even bad elves. So yeah, I didn’t like the clown elves at all. But I suppose they weren’t bad as far as villains go.

Endings: For those of you who went to see it, did you see BOTH endings? Because guess what – not only does Marvel add ONE ending during the credits, they added two, same as in Avengers. Thankfully, some people clued us into that and we stayed all the way through the second extra ending. Make sure you do, especially if you like happy endings, because that one is and it made me happy. Very happy. Extra endings are cool.

So, there you have it – what I thought of Thor 2. Have you seen it? What’d you think? Comment and tell me! :) And just a word to the wise, long comments are my favorites. :)


Evelyn said...

I really really enjoyed this movie!! I don't think it's the best one marvel has made, but I still loved it. My favorite characters were Darcy (Oh my, that girl is hilarious! and cute.. and stylish, and just awesome) and Loki. I decided to over look the fan girl sequels (and Tom Hiddlestons good looks) and look at the actual actor - and to tell the truth he is. amazing! Such a talented actor. so yea Loki and Darcy! Both were great - especially the humor they added! Loki: They're following us.. now they're shooting at us... and now you just decapitated your grandfather... and now.. (thor): Shut up Loki! Haha.. I'm probably quoting it all wrong but it was so funny!!

Jemimah said...

This whole review? My sentiments exactly. I think I enjoy the second film better than the first, though it felt a lot darker. I hated the clown elves too. They were sick. (Or maybe I was the one sick of them.)

Let's face it: Darcy is the comic relief in the Thor franchise. She is also crazy awesome, so...

You know the "boat-and-lights" scene (which reminds me of Tangled)? I will avoid mentioning the purpose it pertains to, but that was really...sad yet spectacular.

That one scene of Thor? I rolled my eyes the whole time. So unnecessary ('cept for his fangirls). He's okay, but I like his brother better. ;) No, really, Thor's character has improved but he can be a bit of a show-off. If I had a red cape and a hammer, I'd prolly do the same.

About Loki -- I like the fact that he is a tormented, conniving, complex character. His motives are often delusional, but then I pity/sympathize/feel sorry for him. And yes, superb humour no matter how mean.

Ever since Iron Man 3, Marvel has indeed reward the patient-to-the-last-minute viewers with those end credits. If you're watching Agents of SHIELD, I think the bilgesnipe creature-thing will be making an appearance next episode. Or at least I heard the team will be cleaning Thor's mess. It's pretty amazing how they're connecting all these dots. Or should I say, marvellous?

Sorry, Charity. Been a long time since I last commented here, so I took the liberty of giving you a REALLY LONG one. :)

Hamlette said...

I just got back from my second viewing, and wow, I liked it sooooo much better the second time around! The first time was good, but that second viewing... man, I love it now.

I think the freaky blank eye faces on the dark elves were masks over their real faces, which would look more like Malekith.

I love the stingers at the end of all the Avengers-related movies! The one after Avengers is still my favorite, but the one after Iron Man 2 and 3 were great too. They're all fun.

But that shirtless scene toward the beginning. Way annoying. I AM a Thor fangirl, but couldn't they at least give him a reason to be shirtless? Not just, "Oh, the fangirls will like this, let's make him shirtless for no reason at all." At least in the first movie, he was changing clothes and it made sense, story-wise. ::Rolls eyes::

Rissi said...

Okay, so this one definitely sounds more awesome than Thor! Yes. In general I think that is the thought - the movie is better than Thor which is good because certainly a sequel should match its predecessor. Not sure if I'll get to it in theaters but it'll be something I look forward to on DVD if nothing else. Love your comments on Darcy (she is a riot) and to read that the costumes are epically awesome is fun - love those kind of movies! :)

Great thoughts and review, Charity!

Rissi said...
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