Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chronicles of Avonlea

Author: L. M. Montgomery
Genre: Life, short stories
Series: The sequel is Further Chronicles of Avonlea, but it's not imperative to read them even in order. Oh, and they're kinda...more stories about the people you meet (and some you don't) in Anne of Green Gables and its seven sequels.
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 183
Time period: 1800's
Main characters: It's a variety of short stories. You do see Anne Shirley a few times.
Exciting events: The book is full of humorous and sweet stories.
Passage from book: Anne Shirley was curled up on the window seat of Theodora Dix's sitting-room one Saturday evening, looking dreamily afar at some fair starland beyond the hills of sunset. Anne was visiting for a fortnight of her vacation at Echo Lodge, where Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Irving were spending the summer, and she often ran over to the old Dix homestead to chat for awhile with Theodora. They had had their chat out, on this particular evening, and Anne was giving herself over to the delight of building an air-castle.
My overall opinion: It was a very fun book, and worth buying. :) You can get it cheaply on Amazon, FYI. Fun to hear more about the people Anne knew!


AuntLou said...

Mrs Montgomery's books are among my favorites! Have you read the Emily series? I like the two book about Pat, too. :)

Melody said...

This is one of the books where some of the stories were taken for the TV series Road to Avonlea, by the same makers as the Anne movies. Also the 'further chronicles', etc, and The Story Girl and its sequel. It's a very good show; have you seen it?

Charity U said...

AuntLou, I have read the Emily books! Own them, actually. :) The second one of that series is my favorite, which is yours? I haven't read the Pat books yet, but intend to someday. :)

Melody, a review of Further Chronicles... is coming. :) I haven't read the Story Girl books yet either. I haven't seen it...though we started Emily of New Moon (the TV series) the other day. Mom didn't really enjoy it, so we stopped, but someday I'll watch the rest. :) Do you know if they follow the books?

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Melody said...

I read about half of The Story Girl, but I had to take it back to the library.

Emily of New Moon TV series is nothing like Avonlea - I don't think the same people made it, either. But it's way better. =D That's what I think, anyhow.

Which do you mean? Avonlea, well, it couldn't follow the books exactly, because it's a large combination of books by L.M. Montgomery. The very main characters - most of them came from The Story Girl, with a couple added & taken away, perhaps from the other books. And then a lot of non-main characters and circumstances come from the Chronicles, I think. Like Theodora Dix...she was in the first season of Avonlea (played by the same actress who was Pauline Harris in Anne the Sequel). Also, most of the seasons have Rachel Lynde, and one or two have Marilla. :)

Of course they'd eventually run out of things to take from the books, like most TV shows. (Just think of Little House! Those go so far from the books...haha)
The costumes and music are very nice! I especially like the costumes in the later seasons...

In case you want to poke around on it, here's a very useful web site about Avonlea:

Sorry for going on and on. It's my favourite TV show. :)