Sunday, January 5, 2014

TV Show: Downton Abbey Season 2

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5

Genre: Period drama, life, family

Series or set: Downton Abbey

Number in series: 2nd

Primary actors: Michelle Dockery, Dan Stevens, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, Maggie Smith

Length: I think it’s seven episodes (the first one being extra long) plus the Christmas special (also about two hours)

Based on: I hear it’s based on a real family?

Time period: World War I, early 1900s

Rating: TV-PG, I’m guessing?

Year it came out: 2011

My overall opinion: I enjoyed this season, and finally – a happy ending! Since I have watched many things (including Season 3) since this season, I’m not going to try to ramble on about it more than to say that it was good, I liked the ending, enjoyed getting to know everyone better, and all-in-all, liked it probably even a bit better than Season 1. It helps that I know everyone now. Nothing stood out to me as objectionable! A little about characters…Matthew is mostly annoying, but occasionally quite nice. Lavinia is a sweet girl in a hard position. I still love Cora, and Isobel is more annoying than ever. Cousin Violet is a delight through and through, makes me laugh often. Thomas is horrid, Sybil is a sweetheart…I really like her. Carlisle is despicable, and also recognizable as a bad guy in Wives and Daughers as well. Mary is interesting, tolerable, and not my favorite character. There!

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