Thursday, January 2, 2014

TV Show: Merlin Season 5

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9.5

Genre: Fantasy, adventure, romance, life

Series or set: Merlin

Number in series: 5th

Primary actors: Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Katie McGrath, Angel Coulby, John Hurt

Length: 13 episodes, each of normal length

Based on: The classic legends about Arthur and Merlin

Time period: 1300s

Rating: TV-14, I’m guessing?

Year it came out: 2012

My overall opinion: I can clearly remember that day, not very long ago, when I logged onto Hulu and discovered something that made me ecstatic – there was a new episode sign right there by Merlin. I watched seasons 1-4 earlier this year, and have been desperate ever since to get my hands on season 5 somehow, but it never worked out. Then. Finally. Hulu got it. I was over the moon.

I watched it in a little over a week. And wow. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it – the characters, the music, the setting, the humor, the drama, all of it. It was SO good to get to see 13 new-to-me episodes of what is basically my favorite show! It may indeed be my absolute favorite.

Anyway. So I watched it. If you know anything about Merlin, you know that the last two episodes of this last season go together, and everyone says they’re sad – well, everyone is right. I sobbed. Literally sobbed. And I don’t do that often, and I’ve never done it over a TV show before…but this one was worth it, and I love it despite crying. Definitely really worth watching.

Arthur and Gwen were finally happily married and that made me happy. Merlin was using magic as usual, and I still love Arthur and Merlin and the way they interact. Gwen was still a sweetheart, except when enchanted. Morgana is horrid – who would have guessed from season one that she’d end up so horrible? Downright despicable. The knights are good…I miss Lancelot, but it is for the best that he is gone. We’ve still got Gwaine. And Percival.

Lots of delightful mystery and intrigue throughout this…a grand culmination of everything for the end…and the very last scene? Was a surprise. Even to me (and I tend to read spoilers about things…I dislike being surprised with some stuff). But it made me smile. So! Need a new show? I highly recommend this one for anyone who enjoys things to do with dragons, magic, magicians, humor, romance, adventure, knights, suspense, war, epic battles, or even just anyone with time to watch the five seasons. If you are like me in most tastes…you’ll enjoy this.


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