Monday, September 5, 2011

Period Drama Week Tag Post 1


Yay! Period Drama Week is finally here! Make sure you go to Elegance of Fashion to see all the festivities! Naturally, when I saw there was a tag, I knew I'd have to participate. :) And since there are a total of 20 questions, I'm splitting it into two posts.
1. How did you get into period dramas? Well, let's see here. I suppose it was when I first watched (and totally fell in love with) Pride and Prejudice, the 1995 version. Next came Sense and Sensibility, also the 1995 version. Between those two, I became a true period drama addict!

2. What is it that you like about period dramas? Just about everything. The dresses are generally pretty cool, don't you think? Not necessarily very modest, but overall, I think they look quite comfortable.

Then, often, their hair is so pretty!

{{yes, you remembered right...I dislike that version. HOWEVER, I'm trying to be impartial...and isn't her hair cool? Definitely not his though...}}

Generally, the story is good and sometimes a classic. And then the music is sometimes breath-taking, especially the soundtrack for Emma 2009 and, yes, I admit it, Pride and Prejudice 2005.

3. Do you usually read a book and then watch the adaption or do you watch the adaption and then read the book? Usually, adaption first. Many of the books they're adapted from were too hard for me to read, but I still greatly enjoyed the movie. The books are then easier to read. However, I recommend that you read the book a lot, so that you know when a movie strays from it.
4. What are your top three period dramas and why? I KNEW this question was coming. It's hard, because I haven't seen a lot of period dramas other than Jane Austen's, so you already kinda know my answers here. For a change, I'm going to say three that aren't Jane Austen. (FYI, with JA, it would include P&P 95, and Emma 09) I think all of these are, since some are included on the buttons for this wonderful event. :) First: Wives and Daughters, because the story is fun, Cynthia's hair is quite amazing, and the dresses are cool. :)

Then, Scarlet Pimpernel, the 1985 version. The story is one of my favorites, a beautiful mix of romance and high adventure. I recommend it! Oh, and? Marguerite's hair and costumes are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. And really neat. :)

Finally, Little Women. I believe this version came out in 1994, though the 1949 version is also fun. :) I like it's mostly true to the book. The characters acting the girls are perfect, IMHO. I don't really like Laurie or Mr. Bhaer in this version, though.

5. From those three period dramas that you picked, who are your favorite characters in each one? Oooo, awesome. They are, firstly, Molly. She's really the only girl to like in Wives and Daughters.

Next, Marguerite. I like her because she's loving, strong, brave. And her hair's awesome. :)

Finally, Jo. Or Beth. I'm most like Jo, and I've always loved Beth.

Well, I was planning to do the whole thing in two posts, but my plans have been changed for me. :) I had the whole first 10 questions written up here...but it was so long, I moved them to yet another post. Don't worry, you'll see them soon!

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Gwendolyn Gage said...

Charity, "The Scarlet Pimpernel" with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour is one of my absolute favorites too! I want to buy a copy of the movie, but its sooo expensive - I guess because of low demand. Great post! :-)