Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Period Drama Week Tag Post 2


Well, I was originally planning only two posts. But on finishing the first one, I decided it needed to be split into at least three posts total. So, here we go, from question #6!

6. Which author do you like the adaptions of their work best? I can't stay away from Jane Austen anymore. It's her. Totally.

7. Which period drama characters are the funniest to you (keep it under three)? Ha, good question. Mr. Collins from Pride and Prejudice. He always makes me laugh.

Ummm...Mrs. Jennings from Sense and Sensiblity. Her bumbling ways can be hilarious!

And then...I'm struggling...I'm at a total loss. Maybe I will think of another when I see other people's answers!

8. Which period drama characters are the most annoying (keep it under three)? Chauvelin from Scarlet Pimpernel is not only annoying, but also wicked.

Then Willoughby from Sense and Sensiblity is annoying. And self-centered.

Finally, Estella from Great Expectations. I have never seen a movie adaption of this (though I know there's at least one I want to watch), but in the book (sorry, I know this was supposed to be all movies!) she's really annoying.

9. Which period drama characters are in your top three? I wish it specified male or female. AH! I guess I have to do both!!!! We'll start with the girls. Naturally, Elizabeth Bennet. I admire her humor and wit, and she's also very pretty.

Then I admire Jo March, from Little Women. She's another one of those strong and independent women, yet kind and friendly and loving too.

Finally, Emma from Emma. She's also funny, witty, and a fully lovable character!

As to males, this may be harder than it looks! Naturally, Mr. Darcy. He's handsome, and proud, but learns to change.

Then Gilbert Blythe. You didn't expect that, did you? He becomes better as the books go on. Though I still abhor that name. Oh, and I'm doing my best not to do Jane Austen characters.

And since I'm avoiding Jane Austen, Percy Blakeney from Scarlet Pimpernel. Yes, he appears a hopeless fop. But underneath... *smile*

10. When you watch period dramas, what is it that you pay closest attention to? Hmmm. Everything? I don't concentrate on the dresses...or the music...or the scenery...or the story, well, maybe the story. It all kinda blends together for me, as it were.

Part three coming soon!


Melody said...

Haha ~ You will be happy to know that I watched The Scarlet Pimpernel last night! My mamma as been ill of late and it happened to be checked in at the library when I went yesterday. :) I did like it and I want to watch it again to get the details I missed. (With a plot like that you always miss something - it's that way with most period dramas, actually).

"But then, fashion never was your forte, was it?"
HAHA that made me laugh so hard. =D
He seemed to have a little bit too much fun with his role as a coxcomb...(yes, I know the word 'coxcomb' seems to be no longer in use, but Mr. Knightley said it, therefore I say it. :P)

Ooh and I want that ring to seal my old-fashioned letters with. =D

Mel said...

Lovely! I love what you did with your top 3 characters, spliting them up into male and female, that was great. I wish I had thought of doing it :)
I haven't seen any of the Great Expectations films either (I'm waiting for the ones coming out next year). So I agree Estella in the book is kind of..well horrid! and absolutely annoying :)