Thursday, September 8, 2011

Period Drama Week Tag Post 3

Welcome to this third part of my tag for Period Drama Week! Make sure you check out all the fun stuff going on at Elegance of Fashion, as Miss Elizabeth hosts this awesome week! As I write this, I'm not sure whether I'll fit the remaining 10 questions into one post or it'll be a surprise until you reach the end. :) If you're just joining me, you can find the first part here and the second part here! Also, the Period Drama Advice Column, another wonderful aspect of this week, can be read here.

11. Which period drama which you haven't seen yet do you most want to watch? Ooo, there are quite a few I haven't seen, so this is fact, it's a three-way tie. They are:


Larkrise to Candleford

and Little Dorrit.

12. Which period drama has the prettiest soundtrack or background music? Oh, that's hard! I have a number of favorites. The first is Emma (2009). I am putting in the beautiful dance scene below...I love the music and the dance.

Then I enjoy the music for both the 1995 and the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. Then the music in Little Women is sweet, and I do enjoy the Sense and Sensibility 1995 music as well.
13. Which period drama has your favorite screenplay/script? Why? Probably either Emma 2009 or Pride and Prejudice 1995. :) Both of them follow the original book quite closely, always a plus in my book.

14. Do you like having multiple version of some period dramas? Do some period dramas need a newer version? Or are the older version better? It goes both ways. I like the older version of Pride and Prejudice much better than the newest one. However, the new version of Emma is by far the best yet. Mansfield Park, in my opinon, does not have a good version and could use a new one.

15. What is the longest period drama you've seen? Pride and Prejudice. :) It's also the one I've seen most.

16. What are your favorite actors/actresses from period dramas? Oooo, fun question. I like Colin Firth, who was in both Pride and Prejudice and The Importance of Being Earnest. The latter I hadn't mentioned yet, but it's a fun one. He was also in The King's Speech.

Then I enjoy Romola Garai. I admit, I've only seen her in Emma, but I love the way she looks in the yet-unseen-by-me movie, Amazing Grace. 

Michael Gambon is a fun older actor. He was in Emma, The King's Speech for a bit, and Wives and Daughters.


17. Do you prefer watching a regular-length movie or a more indepth mini series? Why? Generally, the longer, the better. ;) I love all the detail in the long ones, but then, it's easier to convince Mom to watch a short one. lol!

18. What period dramas has one of your favorite actors/actresses in it? Singular? Only one? I hate to mention it again...but Pride and Prejudice. :)

19. Which heroine from which movie was your least favorite? Why? I've never liked Fanny from Mansfield Park. She's not nearly as fun as Emma or Elizabeth, and she exasperates me. Why? I'm afraid I don't know!

20. Which three period dramas are your least favorite? Goodness, I don't know that I have three! I'm going to pick on Mansfield Park again. It had the misfortune to cast Mr. Elton (who wasn't Mr. Elton yet, but was still disgusting [IMHO]) as Edmund, the main character.

Then, well, I'm going to confess...I don't really like North and South. Now, I have only seen it once, but it was too gray and sad for me. I don't like gray movies.

Finally...hmmm. Oh, the 1981 Sense and Sensibility. It was gray, but only because of terrible lighting. The sound... *winces.* It wasn't worth the three or so hours I spent on it.

Well, I got all my questions into one final post! Hope you enjoyed them. :) Miss Elizabeth, thanks SO much for hosting this tons-of-fun event! I had an awesome time. :)


Miss Elizabeth Bennet said...

Thanks for answering!

Oh! Michael Gambon was also in Amazing Grace with Romola Garai (they weren't related, though...).

Melody said...

Have you READ Mansfield Park? If not, I definitely suggest doing so - I can understand why you wouldn't like her on the 2007 movie - ick. They got her all wrong. But I do like her in the book.

Charity U said...

Miss Elizabeth, that's neat!

Melody, I have read it. Agree about the 2007 movie. :P Though I've read the book a few times, I still don't love it. At least, not nearly like Austen's others!

Melody said...

Well, I don't "love" it either - but I do like Fanny and she could never be a least-favorite heroine to me. haha ;-)
I think I read somewhere that she was JA's favorite heroine...maybe.

Charity U said...

Well, since I haven't seen as many period dramas as I'd have liked to, I was a little desperate for characters. :) But I really don't understand how JA could love her most!