Monday, March 24, 2014

Movie: Casino Royale

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5

Genre: Action

Series or set: James Bond 007

Number in series: These are awesome – you can watch them in any order. And they still work. :)

Primary actors: Daniel Craig (falling for this guy!), Judi Dench

Length: A little over two hours

Time period: Present

Rating: PG-13

Year it came out: 2006

My overall opinion: Ooooo. So I started watching James Bond with Skyfall and have now watched everything my library has. I really love Daniel Craig and James Bond at large! This one had some lovely sets in Venice – absolutely beautiful. There were also AMAZING sets at an airport and a construction site – the whole chase at the construction site was one of my favorite scenes. Pretty amazing! I also really enjoyed the soundtrack for this one. It was great. I’ve never played poker (or whatever game it was they were using to gamble) so some of that lingo went over my head – but I still managed to find this a great movie. Like with all James Bond movies, be advised that there’s a little objectionable content – look on IMDB for details. All in all though? Good movie!


Rosie W said...

This is probably my favorite Bond movie with Daniel Craig. :D He's so easy to like.

Really glad you liked it, Charity!!

Charity U said...

Definitely enjoyed it and loving Daniel Craig! :)

Molly Shannon said...

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