Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Movie: Skyfall

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Genre: Action

Series or set: James Bond 007

Number in series: I have no idea…and is it really a series? No. Not really. Cause I watched this one and had never watched a James Bond film before, but caught on just fine.

Primary actors: Daniel Craig, Judi Dench

Length: About two hours

Time period: Present

Rating: PG-13

Year it came out: 2012

My overall opinion: So I always knew I’d have to watch this someday, and now I finally brought it home from the library, settled myself in one evening, and watched it. What an enjoyable film – right up my alley of movies I enjoy! It was absolutely packed with adventures, non-stop action, awesome sets, a large fire, mystery, suspense, and so much more. I really enjoyed it, and definitely intend to watch more James Bond films. Also, I really want a gun that recognizes my palm-print and only shoots for me – ‘cause that’s just awesome. The scenes in that abandoned city – okay, back up. Abandoned places kind of fascinate me, whether they’re that city in Russia that was abandoned because of nuclear poisoning in the air, or something like the one in this movie. I watched avidly through that whole scene. This is a movie I’d be happy to watch again. Oh, and Adele. I’m not a huge Adele fan, just in general, but her “Skyfall” song that’s used for the (long) beginning credits is awesome and I really like it. Listen, even if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t intend to. Be warned, there is some language and occasional other objectionable things – check IMDB for a list. But. This movie is pretty awesome!


Anonymous said...

Hmm...this is a long way from Jane Austen. Or period dramas.

Charity U said...

True - but Austen movies and period dramas are far from my only interests. ;)

Hamlette said...

Yes! I love this movie too. I was sadly disappointed by The Quantum of Solace, but Casino Royale is also delicious, if you're looking for other Craig-Bond movie recommendations. I'd say Skyfall and Casino tie as my second-favorite Bond films (my fave is GoldenEye).

Charity U said...

Hamlette, I've sure been enjoying James Bond - exhausted our libraries collection! I don't think they had Golden Eye, but I did watch several older ones. Especially loved this one, enjoyed Quantum (review came out today, I believe - click on the James Bond tag for easy acess!), wasn't as much a fan of Casino - don't understand gambling, which is kind of a problem here. xD Daniel Craig is splendid and easily a favorite actor now for me!

Hamlette said...

Sweet! What older ones did you see? I really like Thunderball and Dr. No.

Yeah, the poker they play in Casino is kind of confusing -- I don't quite know what all is going on there either, and I know how to play a couple kinds of poker (but not Texas Hold'em, which the movie seems similar to, maybe?).

And ooooh, DC is now a fave actor! Very cool. Are you seeking out more of his movies? I've only seen a handful, but my friend Deb Koren is a HUGE fan of his and could probably steer you toward movies of his that aren't too family-unfriendly. She has a blog, and has been working on and off on reviewing all the James Bond movies -- go here to see what she's said about them so far, and I know if you left her a comment about Daniel Craig she'd be more than happy to discuss his movies with you.