Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tag: Emma

Since I am into making tags, Emma, one of my favorite Jane Austen's, seemed a good choice of topic! Here we go. :) Feel free to "steal" for your own blog!

Have you read Emma? What did you think? I have, several times – once aloud to myself! It’s one of my favorite books, has dozens of amazing quotable passages, and is altogether a delightful read. If you haven’t read it yet, you really must!

Have you seen any of the movie versions? If so, which ones? Yes, I've seen three. The 1996 Kate Beckinsale version (she’s the one with brown hair), the 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow version, and the 2009 Romola Garai version. Of the them, the 2009 one is my favorite, but the GP version is a close runner up. The 2009 one is about four hours long…and worth every minute. Garai is the perfect Emma! (Check out my comparisons: Post 1 and Post 2). (Wish the two below had starred together...)

Are you more like Emma or Mr. Knightley? I’m like both, in some ways. I plan other people’s lives, whether or not they want me to…that’s somewhat like Emma. But I’m not quite so forward as she is, and rather more shy. As to Mr. Knightley, I think I’m more rational, so to speak, like he is. Neither Emma nor Mr. Knightley is an exact copy of me, far from it, but I have a little of both. J

Tell us your thoughts about Frank Churchill. I dislike him. He’s much too flirtatious with Emma (though it’s true that she didn’t exactly deter him). He didn’t love his father enough to come sooner, for I’m sure he could have if he’d actually wanted to. Of course, it’s good that he cared for his aunt like he did. But none-the-less.

Would YOU have still married Churchill like Jane did? I’m afraid not. After seeing him flirt with Emma like he did? After he teased me about Mr. Dixon in such a shameless manner? After sending the un-thoughtful gift of a piano (when there really wasn’t room for it)? Nope.

Do you find Miss Bates or Jane Fairfax more annoying? Miss Bates. Like Emma, I would probably become tired of her sooner than I ought to. Frustrated with her. She talks too much, and is way too gossipy. But she is certainly a woman with a kind heart. Jane is somewhat annoying too…rather too cool and collected, I guess. But overall, I’d be more frustrated with Miss Bates.

What, in your opinion, is Emma’s largest fault? Oh, that’s hard. Maybe the fact that at times (as Mr. Knightley pointed out) she’s quite insensitive to others’ feelings. I’m specifically thinking of that day on Box Hill with Frank Churchill and Miss Bates. There she was unkind to Miss Bates merely to impress (or at least to make laugh) Frank primarily, and the rest of the group in general.

What’s Harriet’s biggest fault? Much too easy to influence. Spineless people are annoying, and Harriet is quite spineless, and too easily wowed and influenced by Emma.

What kind of mother do you think Emma would be? Since I made this tag, I must admit that this is something I’ve wondered more than once! I think she would be very fun…but other than that? I’m really not sure. What do you think?


Clare said...

I think with Mr. Knightly there to guide her and help her make more motherly and mature decisions she would be a great mother. Mr. Knightly would also make a awesome father I think. =)

Katelyn said...

Check my post on your tag; it was fun!