Monday, February 25, 2013

Garden of Madness

Author: Tracy L. Higley

Genre: Life, adventure

Series: This might be hard of Tracy’s Seven Wonders of the Ancient World series, but I’m not sure.

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Type: Historical fiction

Number of pages: 387

Time period: Bible times (600s b.c.)

My overall opinion: Oh, it was very good! I found it to be fast-paced and almost impossible to put down. Absolutely full of mystery, suspense, and excitement! There’s not a slow minute in it. A few of the fascinating people/places in this one include Daniel (the Biblical one), Nebuchadnezzar (likewise), the Hanging Gardens, and the captive Israelites. The main character is actually Nebuchadnezzar’s fictional daughter, Tiamat or Tia. This is a memorable story…I haven’t a doubt that you’ll find it intense and thrilling, a book that entwines Biblical, historical, and fictional facts to a T. It seemed very well-researched. As fellow author Tosca Lee says on the cover, it is “rich with all the flavors of ancient Babylon.” Delightful book and one I’m glad I bought.


Rissi said...

Though I do not know why, Biblical fiction isn't my "type" of fiction. It probably has changed since last I read it, however I've not given it a try again.

It's always nice to hear that this is complimentary to its Biblical counterpart! That is important. :)

Charity U said...

Rissi, do you like just plain historical fiction? If so, I'd recommend this. Because, while it has some Biblical characters/events, it doesn't read specifically as a Biblical fiction. Distinctly Christian, but not based around a specific Biblical story, really...sort of, but not really. You could also try "Harvest of Rubies" by Tessa Afshar -- same deal. But there are some really great authors out there for Biblical fiction, let me know if you ever need recommendations. :) And YES! It's immensely important that a Biblical fiction follow the Bible to a T.

Miss Evelyn said...

I awarded you the Brilliant Blog award! Great job on having such a wonderful job!

Charity U said...

Miss Evelyn, thank you! :)