Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bethany House Blog Tour: A Talent for Trouble

Author: Jen Turano

Genre: Romance, adventure

Series: Ladies of Distinction

Number in series: 3rd

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9

Type: Fiction

Number of pages: 346

Time period: 1800s

Publisher and price: Bethany House, $14.99

My overall opinion: This book did not disappoint in the least – and I had high expectations, both from reviews of Turano’s earlier books and just from the fun cover. But this one was delightful and full of humor! Felicia was a beautiful heroine, inside and out, and she often was quite amusing. And best of all? She’s always full of shenanigans, some wince-worthy and some just plain funny! Grayson was a steady and strong leading man to counter her, and they seem a perfect couple. The whole book was a light and relaxing read overall. I laughed more than once! There was never a dull moment, as the whole book was filled with adventures and action and wit. I would definitely recommend this book!

**Bethany House publishers sent me this book for review purposes. I was not recompensed for this review in any other way, nor am I required to post positively.**


Evy Cartyr said...

I hope my library has this one as it sounds like a nice book and something I would enjoy. I will have to look up the title when I am on my school brake over the Christmas holiday.
The cover is lovely. I love the covers on these kinds of books.

Jamie Lapeyrolerie said...

I've really enjoyed all of Turano's books so far, so I'm excited to read this one! I bet I'll enjoy it just as much :)

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