Friday, December 27, 2013

O Holy Night Comparisons

Well, since it is now post Christmas, there will only be three Christmas song comparison posts this year – but that’s okay. Up now, “O Holy Night” – and the winner surprised me (pleasantly). :)

Celtic Woman – 9


Best words to describe this version include clear, high, and light. As the song progresses, it moves to a louder volume that is absolutely lovely, and full of power. (After listening to multiple versions of this song, I realized that it requires power – and some singers did better than others.) I really love the building notes and volume. This version is one of my favorites!

Katherine Jenkins – 8.5

One really neat thing about this one is how Katherine rolls her notes. She keeps up a good pace – I love her voice! It’s a flowing version. The stringed instruments (I think they’re stringed…) are a lovely accompaniment. She has amazing volume and hits those high notes wonderfully.

Scotty McCreery – 9
Wow. He has such a rich young voice. I love it. His notes are perfect, of course, and the words are fully understandable. I love the even tempo. All in all? This is a beautiful version.

Susan Boyle – 8

This song definitely showcases Susan’s voice! She sure can belt it out – I am very impressed. She’s got a deeper voice than Katherine and Celtic Woman, but still beautiful. She’s also got a lot of loud volume – I feel like this version would be most amazing in person.

Il Volo – 9.5

Having never listened to these guys before, I didn’t really know what to expect…but wow. I loved this one. They’re kind of like Josh Groban or Il Divo. Smooth. Operatic. Powerful. I could listen to this song many times (indeed, I intend to!). Their harmonization is stunning. And I’m giving them an extra .5 for that held note towards the end! Love.

Placido Domingo – 8.5

I feel like he’s the male equivalent of Susan Boyle. But he’s better with this song than she was. He’s really loud and has amazing vibrato. A great voice. This is certainly not a relaxing version. I love the building notes and abrupt stop of background music there towards the end!


Oh dear. I have to choose one. I had several version that I really liked! But I think. Having listened to several again. That Il Volo really does deserve their 9.5 and they win! Close runners up include Celtic Woman (who was winning until Il Volo came along) and Scotty McCreery.

Your thoughts:

Did I mention your favorite version? If not, what version do you love and do I need to listen to it? And if so, which is your favorite?

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Rissi said...

Fun. I need to listen to Scotty's though I'm sure it's great (love what I listened to from him). I like RSJames version because it's not quite as "high" as the others because she had to adapt the song to fit her vocals but it's good and I like YouTube sensations Megan & Liz's new version too. :)