Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blue Christmas Comparisons

Due to finals and finally getting home for Christmas break, I’m later on getting this second post out than I intended…oh well. So it goes. So, here we go with variations on “Blue Christmas”! :)

Elvis – 8.5

{{Sadly, I'm unable to find a video of this version...weird, right? They won't work. So find your own!}} 

He starts right away, no waiting around for anything! It’s a song that you’ll want to bob your head to. There’s a nice steady beat too. The choir is an interesting touch. A pretty quick pace, and all in all, I’d describe it as cheery.

Michael Buble – 9.5

This version just has a newer feel than Elvis’ does. Michael has a super smooth voice, and his timing is just uneven enough to be catchy without being annoying – does that make any sense? And then that lovely instrument that has such a big part in this version – a horn of some sort? I’m hopeless with identification. After you learn it, and learn his variations, you’ll be singing along! Michael totally sings his heart out and it’s awesome. Summed up? It’s crazy cool. Love this version!

Kelly Clarkson - 9

A very pretty version! The piano is a lovely touch. Kelly has a stunning voice and I really like her tempo too! The song sways along in a beautiful way. This is a fresh take on this song! The musical interlude is really neat too – and this song alone makes me want to buy her newest album, Wrapped in Red! :)

Andrea Bocelli - 9

This version, unlike most others, actually sounds like Bocelli is feeling blue – which is appropriate for the song. It’s also pretty slow. And of course, operatic. Then too, Bocelli sings with Reba McEntire, and they have some cool harmonization. It’s a peaceful version, quieter and almost calming. Very steady.

Blake Shelton – 8.5

This one definitely had a quicker pace, especially since I listened right after Bocelli’s. There was some reflection of Elvis here (and also in Buble’s), but it was bad. I really love Blake’s voice and accent. This version? Fun and light.

Celine Dion – 8.5

I hadn’t listened to anything of Celine’s before, and was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this version! It has a very Christmasy feel from the very beginning. Celine’s voice is older than Kelly’s, smooth and slower than most of the version (except Bocelli’s), and easy to sing along to. I also really liked the background music. Her voice is also lower. A good version.

Glee – 8

I know, I know, me, listening to anything by the Glee cast? But several people online mentioned this as a favorite, so I gave it a shot – and it wasn’t too bad. The guy had a good steady voice, and I really liked the way the choir was done – barely noticeable in the background. This version was almost sleepy. I also liked the variations they included – fitting for the song.


Well. No way around it. Michael Buble’s version won. I really liked Kelly Clarkson’s and would list her as the runner-up, but Michael’s – it’s just so crazy and fun and I love it!

Your thoughts:

Did I mention your favorite version? If not, what version do you love and do I need to listen to it? And if so, which is your favorite?

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