Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Tag!

At long last, I'm posting the birthday tag that many of you did so long ago! :)

1. What month is your birthday?

November. As you all ought to know. J It’s definitely the best birthday month! (random fact: two people also in my month? Mandy Patinkin {Inigo Montoya, Princess Bride} and L. M. Montgomery {author of Anne of Green Gables}! Ummm, if you didn’t know they were November birthdays, you haven’ t been faithful in reading my posts. ;)

2. What is your birth-stone?
Topaz. The great thing about it is all the different colors that it comes in! There’s the goldish/yellow/orange variation...

my personal favorite, the light blue...

and I think there are more!

All topaz! I think the blue and the orangey/yellow first mentioned are the most common, though. I love that blue ring!
3. Have you had a party?
Yes! It was last year, and fairly small: just my three best friends. We made cards, went on a hike, took some awesome pictures, had lunch, and totally had an awesome time.

4. What was your favorite present ever?

Oooo, very hard. Let’s just say I’m happy whenever I get books, dark chocolate, or earrings.

5. Do you know of a flower or plant that blooms in your birth-month?

Actually, no.

6. Do you know of anyone famous who you share your birthday with?

Yes! James Garfield (a former American president) and I are both on the 19th.

7. Have you ever met anyone who shared your birthday?
No, which is very sad. (random fact: never met anyone who shares my name either! Though I’ve seen people online and occasionally in magazines.)

8. What month and day would you love to have your birthday on?
June 10 is a very poetic date. So is December 1. And having a birthday on Valentine’s Day could be rather cool!

9. Name three things you’d love to receive as a gift.
Any book by L. M. Montgomery that I don’t own yet (and since I own 15, that’s harder than it sounds); a gift certificate to Amazon (heaven on earth!); and free dark chocolate for a year. ;)

10. Anything random concerning birthdays (or anything else) that you’d like to mention?
Sorry for putting this up so late! Thanks to everyone who filled it out during the week -- those extra entries that you got in the giveaways during my birthday week of giveaways probably helped you win, Miss Laurie and Larkin!

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