Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas CD's Part Two

I have extended my Christmas CD wishlist, but also received one that was on it! Read on:

EDIT: a few days after scheduling the Christmas CD’s post to go out, we got Michael Buble’s Christmas CD! Mom went shopping and brought it home as an early Christmas present. That was last week now, and we’ve listened to it many many times so far...there are a few strange things, and it’s a bit rocky in places (ummm, not literally, but that type of music a bit), but overall, I’m in love with it. Review coming. Favorite Christmas CD of the year! Worth your money! ;)

And one more want… no, two…no, three…I’m adding these as I remember CD’s…

Josh Groban’s Noel

I do enjoy Josh Groban, and most of his songs are beautiful. This CD especially attracts me in part because of its title -- Noel. My middle name is Noelle. J Anyway, I have a feeling that Christmas carols are something Josh Groban would sing beautifully, and I hope to listen to this CD sometime soon!  

Julie Andrews’ Christmas with Julie Andrews

I love Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, and while I don’t desperately want to own this CD, I do want to hear it in its entirety.

Enya’s Christmas Secrets

I really enjoy Enya. I can’t imagine how awesome her Christmas CD would probably be! This is definitely own my wish-list.
So! There's the update! :)


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I've had the Noel CD since it came out and it's AMAZING! Great choice. :-)

Ella said...

I think I've heard some of the Josh Groban cd,but I haven't listened to the others.
Thanks for the reviews!