Monday, December 5, 2011

The Copper Scroll

Author: Joel Rosenberg
Genre: Adventure
Series: I believe that this is the fourth book in the “series.” It’s not really a series, but I think it would really help to read them in order, which I’m really not doing. :P I know that The Last Days, The Ezekiel Option, and The Last Jihad are earlier (though not in that order), so I guess that makes this the fourth.
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 368
Time period: Present
Passage from book: “Their eyes locked for only a moment, but in that moment FBI Agent Marcus Santini knew something was terribly wrong. He had seen that face. He knew that face. But how? Santini’s cab swerved violently to avoid hitting the man who had suddenly stepped into the flow of Washington D.C. traffic. The man’s eyes flashed with fear, but not of dying. He seemed oblivious to the danger of standing in the middle of Massachusetts Avenue, busy even on a Saturday. Instead, for that brief instant, he seemed rattled only by the look of recognition in Santini’s eyes. And then he bolted.
My overall opinion: So opens this thrilling book! It was really good, and I enjoyed it a ton. Clean and exciting. You don’t want to miss this. It was very interesting. J

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