Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cover Focus: The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper by Sandra Byrd

Book blurb from http://www.sandrabyrd.com/ : “Pieces of her black gown fell to the ground, one by one, like the locks of a condemned woman shorn before execution, though he stayed himself from touching her bright red hair before sheathing his dagger again. Her woeful face betrayed that she knew this would be her utter undoing. The gown was ruined and the black clumps, which had plummeted to the ground, received the breath of life of a sudden and became a flock of beady-eyed ravens which took wing toward the Tower of London, whilst we watched in horror and dread.

Why I like this cover: In two words? The dresses. Who wouldn’t love dresses from this time-period? And the semi-remarkable thing is that these are even modest! Always a good thing. Let’s do the girl on the left first. I’m guessing she’s Kateryn Parr’s friend, if this book is set up like To Die For was. Besides which, her dress is just barely less opulent that Kateryn’s, to my eyes. Her dress is a burgundy shade, maybe brocade? I love the stomacher in the front – isn’t that what it’s called, the fancy V? And puffed sleeves! Like Anne, I have an affinity for puffed sleeves. J Her pearl necklace and long dark hair add to the picture. Did you notice that both Kateryn and her friend have fancy rings on? Wonder if they’ll have any part in the story. And then Kateryn’s dress…oh my word, it’s so pretty! It’s kind of dark-crimson, gold, and cream. I love that overskirt, sweeping down over the underskirt. And all that trimming on the sleeves is so cool! Then the little necklace, and her barely-red hair. Ahhh, yes, I do like this cover!
FYI – I CANNOT wait to read this. It comes out on June 5, and is the second book in the “Ladies in Waiting” series.