Friday, March 16, 2012

I Was Awarded the Helpful Blogger Award!

I was awarded the Helpful Blogger Award by Miss Elizabeth from Elegance of Fashion! Many thanks, Miss Elizabeth. On a side note to the rest of you...I definitely consider Miss Elizabeth herself to be a hugely helpful blogger, since she's read this blog from the start (leaving encouraging comments), helped me with blog buttons for special events, made my favicon (love it!), and given me leave to post her Banners. :)
Here are the three rules:
1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you in your award post.
2. Post three helpful things you've done.
3. Nominate another three bloggers and tell them you nominated them.

Again, I highly recommend Elegance of Fashion! I've read it for over a year, and it's long been a favorite blog. Check it out!


Three helpful things I've done...that's hard. Especially since it seems it might come out braggy...listen, I'm just doing it because it's required, okay? :)
1. I have gotten the word out about numerous authors. That includes reading, reviewing, and interviewing them! And coordinating giveaways (more work than it sounds).
2. I have done my best to recommend books honestly to the followers and readers of this blog.
3. I have run out of helpful things that I've done. Not good. Let me keep thinking... I have guest posted for several people -- most recently, Katelyn from Katelyn's Busy World. Here's a link to that post (which is a really fun Spotlight!):
Bother, several of the bloggers I'd love to nominate have already received, namely Miss Elizabeth (see links to Elegance of Fashion above), Miss Laurie (Old-Fashioned Charm), and Melody (Regency Delight ~ Jane Austen Etc).
However...there are still some others, mostly book bloggers. :)
1. Katie McCurdy (Legacy of a Writer). I implicitly trust Katy's reviews -- and she's recommended some great books to me. :) Not to mention that she's the one who hooked me up with a number of publishers and authors, who need reviewers!
2. Larkin (Libri). An amazing, and inspiring, real life friend. I love her posts!
3. Melanie (Christian Bookshelf Reviews). Like Katy (above), she has giveaways, posts reviews, and generally is a wonderful source of book recommendations. :)
There you go, girls! Pass it on!


Kara said...

congrats Charity on this award, very nice!! it would be challenging listing "good" things you've done, but you did a good job with that part :)
congrats to the fabulous bloggers you forwarded the award to: yay to Katie, Libri, and Melanie!!
it honors God that we're helpful to others (viewers and authors) while blogging and you have definitely achieved that honor, blessings!

Melanie said...

Thanks SO much for this award! :D

Charity U said...

Kara, thanks for the encouragement. :) I look forward to getting to know you better!

Melanie, glad I could give it to you. :)