Thursday, March 29, 2012

Introducing the 30-Day Challenge!

Yes, you read that title right! All through April, I’m doing the 30-Day Challenge. It’s sorta like a long tag. Each day, there’ll be a post relating to the challenge. The posts will span a variety of subjects, from books and movies to my likes and dislikes. Throughout this time, there will (for obvious reasons) be fewer reviews than usual. Every day, there will be at least two posts – the 30-Day Challenge one, and a review, birthday, Spotlight, or Cover Focus post. (However, while I usually have a review on any birthday day, now when there’s a birthday post, it’ll be the only extra post on that day…make sense?)
I have tweaked these to questions and things I want to answer. If some are a little weird…it’s probably because I added them. If you, perchance, want to do this, feel free to do the same. Replace any question you don’t feel like answering with your own! That’s exactly what I did.
Now, here are the challenges I’ll be posting. Enjoy!
Day 01- 15 interesting facts about myself
Day 02- The meaning behind my blog name
Day 03- Links to the blogs of my best blogging friends
Day 04- A habit that I wish I didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere I've visited
Day 06- A favorite actor and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on me
Day 08- My goal for this year
Day 09- Something I'm proud of that was accomplished recently
Day 10- Songs I listen to when I'm happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
Day 11- Favorite restaurant and foods there
Day 12- How I found out about Blogger and why I made a blog
Day 13- A favorite picture (or five) (or nine)
Day 14- A picture of my bookshelf
Day 15- Put my Mp3 player on shuffle: first 15 songs that play
Day 16- A short wishlist with pictures
Day 17- My favorite books – not including classics
Day 18- Long-term plans/dreams/goals I have
Day 19- Nicknames I have and why I have them
Day 20- List five awesome non-fiction books
Day 21- A picture of something that makes me happy
Day 22- A few websites I frequent
Day 23- Something I crave a lot at the moment
Day 24- List of five favorite classic authors
Day 25- A creative book picture that I took
Day 26- What I think about my friends
Day 27- Why I am doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A holiday I dislike
Day 29- A book I’m proud I read
Day 30- Favorite posts from this challenge
There you go! I do hope some of those sound interesting to you. I have written all the posts (back in January and February, actually) and look forward to hearing what you think.


Analiese said...

Ooh - this sounds so fun! Looking forward to the answers to some of these. :)

Julie said...

Charity, I think I might take up your challenge too! It looks fun and I am looking forward to seeing all that you do each day!

Julie @ My Favorite Pastime

Charity U said...

Julie, if you do it, make sure you tell me so I can check it out! :)

Julie said...

Most definitely Charity. It will be fun!