Thursday, March 1, 2012

Birthday: Aragorn


Birth: March 1, 2931 (T.A.)
Death: Much later
I’ve posted about him: Yes, definitely. Especially this post. :)
You know him because – he’s one of the absolute best characters in Lord of the Rings. And was acted by Viggo Mortenson, who doesn’t have a birthday today.


Alyianna said...

:O I did a post on Aragorn...and I used exactly the same two last photos you used!!! :O

If you're interested in seeing it... :P

Ella said...

Aragon is one of my fav heroes!!!!!

Charity U said...

Alyianna, that just shows they're good pictures! :)

Ella, he's definitely my favorite. So awesome!

Anne G. said...

Ah, poor Aragorn... he shares a birthday with Justin Bieber. :P (yes, I did have to point that out. :) ). But... I LOVE ARAGORN! *insert lots of hearts here*

samarah said...

LOVE Aragorn!! He's one of my favorites. :)

Charity U said...

Anne, oh seriously? The POOR guy. I utterly and completely pity him now. But I do still love Aragorn, despite that.

Samarah, mine too! <3 :)