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Guest Post: Emma (1995) Soundtrack by Miss Laurie

Charity: Before I give the floor over to Miss Laurie, let me encourage you to check out the guest posts she did earlier this month with some other bloggers! Comparisons of Persuasion movie versions...truly delightful. Make sure you read them! Also, watch for two more guest posts coming from Miss Laurie later this summer.

Now, here's Miss Laurie:

CD: Emma (1996)
Another of my favorite Jane Austen film soundtracks, this one features beautiful flowing music and even a dance song!

1. Main Titles
2. Harriet's Portrait
3. Sewing & Archery
4. Frank Churchill Arrives
5. Celery Root
6. Mr. Elton's Rejection
7. Emma Tells Harriet About Mr. Elton
8. The Coles Party
9. Mrs. Elton's Visit
10. Emma Dreams Of Frank Churchill
11. The Dance
12. Gypsies
13. The Picnic
14. Emma Insults Miss Bates
15. Emma Writes Her Diary
16. Mr. Knightley Returns
17. Proposal
18. End Titles

All music was composed by Rachel Portman and some of the songs sound similar to the Nicholas Nickleby (2002) soundtrack which she would compose later. The track The Dance is an English Country Dance called Auretti's Dutch Skipper which is danced in the film during the scene where Mr. Knightley asks Harriet to dance at the ball. My favorite songs on the CD are The Coles Party, Emma Dreams of Frank Churchill, The Dance and End Titles because they are all a bit more lively.

Some of the Tracks above are linked to YouTube videos of the music and here's a music video I made a while back with photos from Emma (1996) and End Titles song:


Emma 1996 - End Titles

This soundtrack is a bit more dull than some other Jane Austen soundtracks because the songs to me aren't as upbeat or as easy to identify, there's only about two or three themes that are played in different ways. The music is gorgeous though and nice to listen to while you're reading or doing homework. It's a must have for anyone who enjoys the film. It can be found at some local libraries and can be bought at Amazon.

Very Truly Your's,
Miss Laurie

Old-Fashioned Charm

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