Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Movie: Ben-Hur

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9 (actually 8.85)
Genre: Adventure
Primary actors: Charlton Heston (he was also in a Moses movie…Ten Commandments, I think it was called)
Length: About 3½ hours.
Based on: Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace
Time period: Bible times – around the year 29 or 31, I believe, A. D.
Year it came out: 1959
My overall opinion: This is truly an epic film. I think that at the time of its making, it was the biggest film of its kind! Some of it is very awful (from a film-maker’s standpoint, probably a lot…but some was just a little rough to me). But overall, they did a good job with it. It’s exciting and moves fast! A little gory for younger kids, I think. Overall, great movie!

Read my review of the book: Ben-Hur.


K. Barrett said...

I really liked this movie, which I saw several years ago. I just wanted to stop by and give you this award: the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks for making blogging time so enjoyable.
K. Barrett

Katelyn said...

Love, LOVE this movie!! Definitely a must-see for everyone!