Wednesday, January 23, 2013

200 Followers, Giveaway, Poll, and Today's Haul

Hey, everyone! First things first...

Austenitis has reached 200 followers!
Thanks to each and everyone of you lovely followers -- many thanks to Amber S who made my lunch-hour so much better when I discovered her as the 200th! (As a small aside, and thank you, let me send you over to Amber's wonderful blog! I just discovered it myself.)
Next, giveaway news. Part one -- we're coming down to the final days of the giveaway for Melanie Dickerson's newest book, Fairest Beauty! Click HERE to go and enter...lots of ways to get entries, including tweeting daily! :) Part two -- as promised, now that I've reached 200 followers, I'll have a giveaway! And the great part? There are going to be two books instead of just the one! The first I've already told you about: No Safe Harbor by Elizabeth Ludwig. But the other? You'll have to wait and see. Warning: it's also a great book that you will love!
The poll: should I giveaway both books as one great prize package? Or do two winners, one for each book? You tell me in the poll I'll be putting up on the right.

Something I don't have room for in the title: I guest posted today on Miss Elizabeth's totally awesome blog that I've been reading for years! I posted a comparison of the two newest (1995 and 2005) versions of Pride and Prejudice. Go HERE to see my post and check out the whole week of 200th Anniversary P&P stuff by clicking HERE.
Finally, today's haul. I was blessed with a Barnes & Noble gift-card for Christmas -- and bought three others from my siblings for slightly less than they were worth...resulting in a nice chunk of B&N money. So I finally made my order on Saturday, and the first part arrived today! Apparently they split it into four separate packages (I had to do two orders since I was using more than three gift-cards). But you're curious what came today, right? Check it out:

They respectively are The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson, Trinity: Military War Dog by Ronie Kendig, and Garden of Madness by Tracy L. Higley. I haven't read any of them before, and am super excited about all of them! I've previously loved books by Melanie Dickerson (Fairest Beauty) and Tracy L. Higley (Pompeii: City of Fire, Guardian of the Flame), but haven't read anything by Ronie Kendig before. Pretty sure I'm going to enjoy that one though! I've seen a lot of rave reviews.

So, giveaway coming soon! Make sure you vote in the poll, and tell me -- have you read any of these books or enjoyed others by the authors? Don't forget to enter the giveaway for Melanie's book! I linked to it up towards the top.


Rissi said...

Cool, Charity! CONGRATS on getting to that 200 mark - that is pretty neat. :)

Kara said...

All Right, Charity, BIG TIME congrats on reaching 200 followers and STILL going strong!!! That's such wonderful news and soooo happy for you :)

Love the book haul as well! You're going to LOOOOOVE The Merchant's Daughter, it's one of the first books I ever reviewed and still a fave of mine :) I won Trinity but haven't had a chance to read it yet, would love to know your thoughts on these books.

Congrats once again on such a large following and still growing, keep up the good work with your beautiful blog!
blessings, Kara

Amber S. said...

Congratulations, Charity! I'm happy to be your 200th follower, and I appreciate the mention! :)

I really enjoyed The Merchant's Daughter and Garden of Madness - great books! :) Happy reading!