Monday, January 21, 2013

Need to Read #21: Keeper of the Light

Title: Keeper of the Light

Author: Patty Metzer

Book blurb: This story has strong characterization, unpredictable plot and an intriguing 1797 Cape
Cod setting. Readers will not be disappointed. Colin McRae seems to have found his life's fulfillment in his position as keeper of the light at Highland Lighthouse in Cape Cod. His life changes when he must travel into Provincetown to find a housekeeper and companion for his ailing sister. The only person available is a young, mysterious girl who is thought of as the town "dummy" because she is mute. Life at Highland Light would never be the same.

Quick endorsement: I originally borrowed this book because someone told me it was good. The cover bored me, though, and I put off reading it. But once I finally picked it up, it surprised me most pleasantly! It’s a delightful and fascinating story, full of unexpected things.

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