Monday, January 28, 2013

Need to Read #28: Seed Sowers

Title: Seed Sowers

Author: Gwen Toliver

Book blurb: From the hot, steamy jungles of Indonesia to the highest mountain passes in the Andes of Peru, Seed Sowers: Gospel-Planting Adventures takes you on an unforgettable adventure around the world.
Hang on to your hats! Seed Sowers tells twenty one true tales of modern-day missionaries whose lives were anything but boring.
Crazed wildcats, angry witch doctors, heart pounding jungle rides down white-water rapids, terrifying headhunters and cannibals, and frightening first contacts with unknown tribes--each story bears testimony to the brave missionaries that God calls to serve.
Each one of them is a seed sower--planting the seeds of God's Word in the lives of people around the world waiting for Scripture in the language of their heart.

Quick endorsement: This book is action-packed, exciting, entertaining, funny, sad, and moving – all in one. A great collection of true missionary stories, and perfect for a read-aloud!

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