Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cover Focus: When a Secret Kills

When a Secret Kills by Lynette Eason

Book blurb from : Investigative reporter Jillian Carter knows it's time to put the past to rest. She's tired of looking over her shoulder, letting a killer go free. She's no longer the scared kid who changed her name and disappeared. Now, no matter what the cost, Jillian must do what she is trained to do-ferret out the truth and expose it. Senator Frank Hoffman committed murder ten years ago-and Jillian watched it happen. Didn't she?”

Read my review: I haven't read it yet, but I have read the first two books in the Deadly Reunions series...and they were amazing.
Why I like this cover: I'm sure part of what is influencing me to love this over so much is the fact that I can tell from here that I'm going to love the story. But the other big thing I can pinpoint that makes me love it? The colors. I adore that blue background...and the purpley/white waves make it mysterious and yet beautiful. The white light is an immediate eye-catcher...or rather, it would, except that a beautiful young woman is staring at you. Look at the brown of her eye! At least, I think it's brown. Other angles make me think it's gray, or maybe a shade of blue or purple. What do you think? Either way, that is the immediate focus on this cover. Her dark hair blowing back and the blue lapel add the perfect of touch of femininity and yet strength. It's an amazing cover for what I'm sure will be an amazing book.