Monday, January 7, 2013

Need to Read #7: Jane Austen’s Little Advice Book

Title: Jane Austen’s Little Advice Book

Author: Cathryn Michon, Pamela Norris

Book blurb: In Jane Austen's Little Advice Book, Austen's own words are mixed with the fascinating facts of her biography and the times in which she lived, completing a lighthearted and loving look at this most enduring writer. Those who know Miss Austen's work only from screen adaptations should enjoy reading her actual, wonderful words; those who have loved her novels will enjoy rediscovering the brightest moments of her sparkling wit and vivid insight into human nature.

In these charmless, graceless, loud, hurried times, we desperately long for the serene voice of good sense, good humor and good manners. Never have we needed Jane Austen more.

Quick endorsement: While searching for my review of this book, I discovered that somehow, I’d never written one. So I had to write and publish one spur-of-the-moment now! This is such a fun little Austen book – a delightful gift. 


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Hamlette said...

Putting it on my wish list!