Saturday, March 30, 2013

Actors from Hobbit & Lord of the Rings

Sometimes you need a break from the steady run of book and movie reviews...and that's what today is getting -- a break. Without too much further ado, here is a fun collection of the actors from the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Can you identify those who don't have their character pictures by them?

I found all these randomly on the web or on Pinterest. Speaking of which...come find me there by searching for Charity U! Hope to see you there. Anyway, here we go! Feel free to click to view larger.


That one just makes me laugh. Actually, all the ones of the four of them do. And now a few from Hobbit...
I highly recommend viewing the above at a larger size! Or just go view the whole thing here, as it looks a little cut off:

Now that you're back in the mood for a little Hobbit related my Middle-Earth movie reviews at the links below:


Alyianna said...

Of course I can identify my LOTR actors/actresses! ;) Love the picture with the "four hobbits" at a cafe table. :)

Great post!

God bless,
- Alyianna

Rosie said...

Totally recognized them all! I only had trouble with Billy in one pic. Couldn't be sure it was him at first. lol Thanks for sharing, Charity! It is neat to see someone recent pictures of them.

Analiese said...

Love the one of all the dwarves. And the one of the four hobbits. :D Thanks for sharing these!

Charity U said...

ALYIANNA, I know, that picture was a favorite of mine too. :) Glad you enjoyed identifying! ;)

ROSIE, yup. Glad you enjoyed them!

ANALIESE, pretty cool isn't it!