Thursday, March 7, 2013

Song: On My Own

Singer: Samantha Barks aka Eponine

My rating on a 1-10 scale: 9.5

From the movie: Les Miserables

Length: 3:12

My overall opinion: Ever since seeing Les Mis, I’ve known I’d have to review some of the songs. I ended up considering four songs before settling on this one…my original favorite. Eponine’s vocals on this are absolutely amazing! I can, and have, listened again and again. I love the beginning…quiet, elegant almost. Very believable. Then slowly it grows…shining pavement is sung of. Trees full of starlight. This is such a pretty part! And then she acknowledges it’s just her imagination and the music really swells…still somewhat softly though. Then, oh, she says it! She loves him! And I love that part. But then the river's just a river again…she is sad. I love in the movie that a stranger walks by at the perfect part. And yes, I know it was deliberate. And now she sings strong and loud of loving him. A climax! And then a dramatic drop in tone…she’s crying. And the end. Yes, I know that’s all disjointed. I’m typing as I listen. Sorry! But there you go. I love this song so much! Listen below.


Rosie said...

Once I got to the point where she acknowledges it's all her imagination I was okay with the song. lol The piano in this song is SO pretty. I've listened to this one a lot.

Cathy said...

I love the way you described this song. It's such a pretty song and it's my favorite from the movie too! :)

Bethy said...

I love it to!
At the end when she's saying "I love him..." It seems like until then she hadn't quite realized it herself.
Beth xxx

Melody said...

Not a Les Mis person, but I do love this song. But don't you hate how the very end is cut off? Ugh! Every time I can't help willing her to FINISH THE NOTE. Heehee.

Rissi said...

Will have to have a listen to this one again sometime. :)

Hamlette said...

There are too few aria-like songs for altos, which makes this especially wonderful for an alto like me :-) I love belting this out in the shower, and Samantha Barks' rendition is lovely.

Charity U said...

Rosie, the piano is lovely! :)

Cathy, thanks -- it was rather a random way. :)

Bethy, good point -- it does seem that way.

Melody, YES. The way the end cuts off is SO annoying. There is a version online somewhere where she finishes it -- such a relief to find it the other day! I'll try and replace this one if I remember.

Rissi, do!

Hamlette, it IS a wonderful song for belting out -- I must agree. :)

Thank you all for commenting!

Hannah America said...

I adore this song. It's one of my favorites.