Monday, March 7, 2011

Beyond the Quiet Hills

Author: Gilbert Morris, Aaron McCarver
Genre: Romance, adventure
Series: The Spirit of Appalachia
Number in series: 2nd
My rating on a 1-10 scale: 8.5
Type: Fiction
Number of pages: 348
Time period: Revolutionary War, 1700's
Main characters: Abigail, Hawk, Jacob, Andrew, Elizabeth
Exciting events: Fights!
Passage from book: FYI, this is the opening paragraph. :) As Elizabeth MacNeal stepped outside the small cabin, she took one startled look at the glistening bear standing not ten feet away and froze in her tracks. Hawk had warned her that the bears around Wataugawere prone to wander close to the settlement, but she had only seen them at a distance since coming to the Appalachian Mountains. Now her heart leaped up into her throat at the enormous size of the bear. Suddenly he reared, his beady black eyes meeting hers...a shiver of fear ran through her at the sight of the long claws and sharp white teeth as he slightly opened his mouth.
My overall opinion: A good book. I say that a lot. Oh, about the time period. Everybody know that the Revolutionary War was in the 1700's, and usually I wouldn't put both. But this book doesn't concentrate on that fact that there's a war going on. It covers a span of about five years (the book, not the war) and included in there is the R. War. There is an occasional mention of men who side with the king, but the book's location is over the Appalachian mountains, so there isn't much fighting. Complicated explanation, I know. ;)

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