Monday, March 7, 2011

Question for ALL!

If you are a reader of this blog, I'm asking you to vote in the poll I'm puttting up right now on my sidebar. Here's the general idea: I love knowing who has a birthday when. For example, I share my birthday with the former President James Garfield. Very interesting. ANYWAY, I thought it would be kind-of fun to post a blog where I would post...probably not more than once a week, but maybe, with the birthdays of famous people including presidents and authors, primarily. Also, if you have a blog and I follow it, you can tell me and I'll do a special "presentation" about your blog.

Explaining again: for each person with a birthday that week, I'd do a post. Or I might do one big post per week with all the people in it, I'm not sure yet. For the authors, I'd include their name (naturally) and the books that they wrote that I've read. I might link back here for the ones I've reviewed. I did a post similar to this on Jules Verne's birthday (click here). Also a few facts about them. Like I did on that post. So my question: would a blog like that interest you? Vote in the poll on the sidebar, then tell me why you voted for what you did. Agreed? Good. :)

Oh, first, a little more on the blog thing. I think it would be something like an advertisement for your blog. I realize this is a little comical, I'm a small-time blogger in the blogging world. However, I do have some readers. ;) Thank you, readers. So...I would link to your blog, maybe interview you (?), link to a few posts of yours that I like...all of this is very tentative. I'm typing as I think of it. So, tell me what you think about my newest idea!

FYI, I want 24 votes in that poll. Which means you ALL HAVE TO VOTE. Including me. So I will.

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